My family have used the services of Smokey bites in all our events  for over 20 years. This will include weddings, christening or even sombre times like funerals. They also have provided catering for smaller house parties and bbq. Their cuisine is simply the best and the staff always behave in a professional manner.  So many of our friends have been impressed with their food and presentation and are now devoted customers. Once you use their services there is no going back.  Stella Findley
‘Thank you for the lovely turkey. We had a blessed time. Hope you had a blessed time too’. Fred.
‘ Hello Bernadette I want to thank u so much for the succulent smoked turkey.My kids enjoy so much .God bless’- Brenda
‘Thanks for the Turkey. We really enjoyed ourselves . Merry Christmas’ – Hilda
‘We really enjoyed our order.  Thank you Bernadette. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Enjoy the festive season not forgetting the reason we’re celebrating ?? Issac
‘Just thought we should thank you for that bitters soup and turkey…It is to die for I wish I ordered more’ – Milo
‘Thank you so much Bernadette. Particularly appreciate your efforts in making things right when we realised we were short. God bless you and the entire team for all your hard work.?? Maura
Happy new year to your and your family. May 2018 bring much joy. Thanks for the delicious turkey. It was enjoyed by all. Joyce
Smoky Bites is the best African Caribbean Restaurant in SE LONDON. I have tried their delicious dishes and short of words to express my appetite and longing for it taste.????????REV I. SILLAH
“Hi Bernadette, we really enjoyed the turkey we bought. We also really enjoyed the bittas and fufu. Many thanks and wish you and family a happy and prosperous New Year. Also thank your son, i got a nice new tyre from where he sent me. All the best…Eric.’
Good afternoon Bernie, just to let you know that all the food was graciously received..everyone really enjoyed it…So just to say a massive Thank you for that l really appreciate it…..
Hope you are feeling well…..Kind regards Denise xxx

Jay Nana and I had a good laugh because she couldn’t figure out who everything was coming from, even though you told her “Anna from Canada” –I think it just didn’t compute! She also mentioned how kind you were to her over the phone, and how patient Gerald was when he dropped the food off. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated that!
O Ms. Bernie –Jay Nana and Aunty Lucie were SO happy! They were both surprised and absolutely enjoyed their food baskets. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
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